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Market America, Inc. is a dynamic and innovative product brokerage and Internet marketing company that specializes in One-to-One Marketing.

Athriving multinational corporation with annualized retail revenues at $500 million and more than 180,000 Independent Distributors worldwide, Market America is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina and employs over 500 people globally — including operations in Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia and the Philippines.

The company markets a wide variety of high quality, market-driven products and services through a system of Independent Distributors and UnFranchise® Owners. With a perfected, standardized and uniform structure, the UnFranchise Business Development System combines the strengths of franchising with the power of One-to-One Marketing. The result is a stable and profitable business, allowing any individual to achieve financial independence and time freedom.

Each UnFranchise Owner manages an organization of Customer Managers who provide products and services to the end consumer. Each Customer Manager maintains a one on one relationship with a small portfolio of customers. Through this relationship, the company surveys the customer to find out what product and services they want and need.The company then uses this data to identify manufacturers who create the desired products. Not only does the company know what products people want, but also knows exactly which customer wants it.

By simply supplying people with the products they want and need, Market America is pioneering the new distribution model of the future — all facilitated through the ease of the Internet and combined with the power of people. Market America is the One-to-One Marketing pioneer and leader. Market America is to One-to-One marketing what Microsoft is to computerization and McDonald’s is to franchising.

The UnFranchise® Business Development System
A Proven Vehicle For Success

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