Motives Cosmetics

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Motives Cosmetics was introduced in 1997 and has grown into a hugely popular, customizable cosmetics line.  By using innovative color combinations and customization, Motives Cosmetics has developed a loyal following that includes world-famous celebrities and everyday women that simply want to look their best at an affordable price.

What Makes Motives Cosmetics Unique

Today’s busy pace, along with the high expectations of modern lifestyles, place a premium on looking your best in a variety of situations. As an essential tool in every woman’s fashion ensemble, the selection of cosmetics that accentuate a woman’s specific coloring is crucial. This selection process is seldom easy and frequently frustrating, usually involving crowded retail stores, impersonal service, overpriced designer products and a nagging doubt over the typical trial-and-error approach to makeup selection. “But it looked so good in the store!” is the cry of many women.Does this ring true for you? Are you craving an alternative solution that respects your time, your preferences and your wallet?Discover choice, innovation and a customized look in the world of Motives cosmetics.  Motives hypoallergenic and noncomedogenic cosmetics offer you cutting-edge style, vivid color and a wide variety of attractive makeup choices. And, this offer comes by way of personalized service from a knowledgeable Make-up Artist.

With the help of a trained Artist, you begin the Motives experience with the creation of a Custom-Blended Foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone. That’s right, no more guesswork! You then take a twirl on the Motives Color Wheel to discover which colors best suit your eyes, cheeks and lips. These color selections point you toward an extensive array of Motives color products — lipsticks (cream, sheer and long-wearing), lip glosses, liners, shadows (pressed and cream), mascaras, blushes (pressed and cream) and many more – that round out the palette of colors and products that meet your personal needs.

This sounds exciting, doesn’t it?! Then, why don’t you start your Motives experience right now?! Don’t wait another minute – discover the Motives difference today!

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