Motives Beauty Advisor Spotlight: Kristina Makris

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When Kristina Makris decided to pursue her passion for makeup, she had no idea that Motives Cosmetics would be the catalyst for reaching success in the beauty industry. After seeing Motives, a cosmetics line she had previously been introduced to, on Instagram, she knew she needed to learn more about the brand. Her curiosity and love for the quality products inspired her to become a Motives Beauty Advisor. Recently, Kristina opened her own storefront, Flawless Makeup & Beauty Lounge, in Massachusetts offering current and prospective clients Motives Custom Blend, beauty products, hairstyling services, bridal prep and more. Read on to learn more about Kristina’s successful journey as a Motives Beauty Advisor and Certified Trainer. 


1. How were you introduced to Motives? 

I was introduced to Motives about 8 years ago but it was never the right timing for me. I always loved makeup but actually went to school for Radiology and received a Bachelors in Science. I realized quickly this wasn’t the path for me. I worked at MAC Cosmetics for 3 years and got the experience I needed to start my own company! Timing is everything! I started seeing Motives on Instagram and had to get my hands on it. Kristin, my senior partner now had messaged me in the midst of all my curiosity. We finally met and I fell in love with the makeup. The Motives Mavens Elements palette was the first product I sampled and my eyes lit up when I felt how pigmented the eyeshadows were.  As a beauty professional, I knew right there I had to work with this line. 

2. What made you want to learn more and eventually partner?

As soon as I sampled the products I was eager to learn more! The quality of the products and the passion expressed from current UnFranchise Owners made my belief real. The business plan took me a few times to understand but once I did it was a no brainier for me to register with Market America. Creating an income on the side while selling great quality products to clients is exactly what I needed. 

3. How have you leveraged NMTSS events to build your belief/ propel your success?

As a business owner, you have to learn & train to grow and be successful with any new venture. I have never missed a Market America local, regional, international, or world conference. My first conference I went to was regionals in RI. It was the most inspiring and memorable conference. Listening to people’s actual stories about how a product changed their life was amazing. Also, how MA has all the tools to build a successful foundation for your business/ life. All it took was just 1 conference to build my belief. I took what I learned and started implementing it into my personal life and makeup business. Honestly, it is not hard. Try some products, talk about them, make money :)

4. In what way have you maximized your existing business as a Pro-Artist by incorporating Motives into your kit.

As a makeup professional, I only use the best products on my clients. There were certain products I was using from MAC that I thought were the best but after trying Motives, for example; little black dress gel eyeliner, eyeshadows, 10 Years Younger, lipsticks, mineral lip shines, and more. I had to replace them with Motives. After doing a clients makeup I am able to provide that client with products; something I couldn’t do before. Sending clients to the mall to grab their lipstick is horrible customer service. Having awesome quality products on hand is great customer service and I can make extra money. 

5. What do you feel is the best way to expand your Motives team?

The best way to expand my motives team is to find artists like myself who are self-motivated, open-minded professionals. You don’t have to be a top makeup artist to start. Also, the products sell themselves. I have many clients that become interested in just the products I use during their makeup appointment. I let them know about the business behind the products and we go from there. 

6. What are you most excited about in regards to long term goals leveraging Motives & Market America?

New product launch is always exciting and very important in the beauty industry. Loren Ridinger and her team always come up with an awesome collaboration with the Motives Mavens. Knowing Loren works with the top beauty professionals keeps my trust in the quality of the products so I can comfortably sell to my clients year after year. 

I’ve realized the sky is the limit when it comes to Motives and Market America. Now that I opened my new storefront Flawless Makeup & Beauty Lounge I am able to sell products on a higher scale. My goal is to show other makeup artists this opportunity so they too can leverage their business with Motives and create a residual income for themselves. This is such an extraordinary opportunity to be a part of and I hope everyone can be as open minded as I was to see the power behind the products and business. ❤️

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